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Who are we

A forest guide & yoga adventure company that lets you explore your outside world and learn about your inner world

OUR Story

Born in the brain of a passionate for the outdoors, Excursion Yoga has seen the day in 2020. After having experienced it by herself on different summits, Eve had the idea of ​​sharing her secret with the community. We have this richness to have an abundant nature around us, why not use it to energize and practice. Excursion Yoga is the dream of all adventurous yogis who desire to connect not only with our inner power while exploring different Quebec soils.

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Meet your

yoga guide

Eve Brasseur
« The purpose of life is to live it, to experience it, to see our life journey as an ongoing adventure !
- Make it U N I Q U E »

Eve is an adventurer, connected to Earth, captivated by nature and the wilderness. She has lived surrounded by mountains since day one. It comes naturally to share her dedication and love for outdooring with the community. She takes pleasure in discovering and traveling in order to fuel her passion for culture. Passionate about mental and physical well-being since a long time, she has been practicing yoga for more than 7 years as well as a certified yoga teacher since 2019.

Destination : Mont-Tremblant, qc
Molly Gallipeau
« Go with the flow »

Cloé is a woman involved in the art of movement from a young age. Having a background in dance, she decided to direct her studies towards yoga and intuitive movement.

For Cloé, nature is a mirror of our consciousness and her favorite playground. She has an infectious laugh and a deep love for the community.

She has been practicing yoga for over 6 years and has been a certified yoga teacher, 200 hours, for 1.5 years now.

Destination : Lac Beauport / Québec, Qc
Frédérique Jodoin
« Let your intuition lead the way and allowed your inner child to come out and play »

Cynthia is a nomad well connected to her Inner child. Curious by nature, she will travel our beautiful planet for more than six years, immersing herself in different cultures and assimilating various teachings around the world.


Back in her native country, she now draws on her learning to help people reconnect with their breath, their body and their true nature in a spirit of benevolence with oneself, others and the planet!


She has been practicing yoga for over eight years, has been a certified yoga teacher since 2016 as well as a mediation teacher for over a year.

Destination : Québec, Qc
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